3 family members killed in Accident in Arlington, Merrill Road

3 family members killed in Accident in Arlington
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3 family members killed when truck going wrong way on side street T-bones car on Merrill Road.

Three family members died Thursday night after their car was T-boned by an F250 truck that witnesses told police had been heading the wrong way before slamming into the car at an Arlington intersection.

Accidnet in Arlington, Merrill Road

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the family was headed west on Merrill Road in a small, 4-door coupe around 9:40 p.m., and witnesses said the F250 was driving south in the northbound lanes of Hartsfield Road, which ends at the intersection with Merrill Road.

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Two of the passengers in the coupe died at the scene and another died at the hospital. Police did not release the ages or genders of anyone involved in the crash.

The driver of the coupe was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Police said the driver of the truck survived the crash but did not indicate if they were injured.

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