A 5-month-old greyhound puppy dies after a pipe bursts in a dog training facility on Long Island

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BELLMORE, Long Island (WABC) — A 5-month-old Italian greyhound named Obi died after a mishap at a training boarding kennel on Long Island.

On Thanksgiving night, a pipe burst at K9 Mania Dog Training’s facility in Deer Park causing water to shoot into Obi’s cage for five hours. Surveillance video at the facility captured the incident.

His owners, Miranda Wisell and Vincent Pedone of Bellmore, only have Obi’s collar and ashes to remember him by.

“Eventually he went into shock after fighting for hours and he laid down in the crate and passed away there,” Pedone said.

The company’s owner, Elliot Rosenberg, found Obi’s lifeless body. He says an employee forgot to shut off the water overnight, leading to the pipe burst.

Wisell and Pedone say they enrolled Obi in a three-week training program at K9 Mania Dog Training.

“He was going to be trained to be service dog to help Miranda with her PTSD and trauma and just to have that ripped away all at once was terrible,” said Pedone.

Obi’s owners, both Hofstra law students, are now suing. The Rosenberg says his insurance company is working with the dog owners’ attorney to work out a settlement.

Additionally, Rosenberg says he has made some changes since the puppy’s death, like installing flood sensors and requiring two employees to close the facility and monitor cameras, instead of just one.

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