A local band Kansas avoids disaster after truck crashes, catches fire

A local band Kansas avoids disaster after truck crashes, catches fire

According to TOPEKA (KSNT) report – After a near-death experience on Thursday night when the vehicle carrying the band members crashed and caught fire on I-70, a local band is counting its blessings.

Lead singer and guitarist for Junction City’s “Jay Hill Road,” Jared Powers, spoke with 27 News about the incident that almost destroyed the band.

He expressed his gratitude that “no one was gravely hurt,” but expressed sadness over the band’s equipment loss as a result of the vehicle catching fire.

“We had a couple of big guitar amps … all the bassist’s guitars were destroyed, and one brand new guitar survived,” Powers said. “They’re going to replace all the bass guitars today, but it was a total waste.”

Two band members, including Powers’ brother, were inside the truck when it crashed on I-70, but they were unharmed.

Numerous adjacent businesses and residences lost electricity as a result of the closure of I-70 by emergency personnel due to power wires connected to the utility pole hit by the vehicle falling across the freeway.

“We’re glad everyone’s OK, it could have been a lot worse,” Powers said. “We certainly feel sorry for the people of Topeka who lost power that night.”

The band was preparing to perform in Olathe on Saturday when the accident happened. After learning of the crash, Powers said he was “in complete shock.”

Powers remarked, “I knew they were coming from Junction City to here so we could start practicing. “When the band’s drummer, my brother, called, I was really taken aback.

As the evening wore on, we learned more details and decided to move on to Saturday’s show.

The show will continue for Jay Hill Road. Powers said they are planning their scheduled performance at 7pm on October 29th at Jobi’s Music House in Olathe. There is a $20 cover charge upon entry, but this will cover food and music for the night and provide access to the cash bar and raffle.

Jay Hill Road focuses on rock, blues and hard rock music. The band has five members, and they took their name from a road near Junction City.


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