Adelaide Stabbing: 1 died, 1 hurt after randon attack at Real Estate Office on Lydia Street in Plympton

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Adelaide Stabbing Investigations – In Adelaide, a random, crazed stabbing attack resulted in the death of one woman and the serious injury of another. At about 3.40 p.m. on Wednesday, emergency personnel were dispatched to a small real estate office on Lydia Street in Plympton in response to reports that two individuals had been stabbed by an unknown guy.

One individual was reportedly armed with a hammer and a knife, according to law authorities. A forty-year-old woman was brought to the Royal Adelaide Hospital with severe injuries. According to the authorities, a second woman, in her 30s, passed away there. The 30-year-old male who was the suspect was taken into custody at the site and is anticipated to face murder charges.

Locals are advised to stay away from Lydia Street while it is closed. SA Police reported, “Detectives from Major Crime are at the scene.” Because this is a busy situation, locals have been asked to stay away from the area. The deceased victim’s identity remained undisclosed. This is a developing story.

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