Alina Page Suicide: Orthopedic surgeon Brian Page’s wife died

Alina Page
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Alina Page Death – A 35-year-old woman jumps to death from the roof of her luxury NYC apartment building after an argument with her husband. The victim has been identified as Alina Page. According to reports, Orthopedic surgeon Brian Page’s wife Alina Page died by suicide. She passed away from injuries sustained following the incident.

Alina Page, aged 35, reportedly fell from the roof of her Upper East Side apartment building’s 36th floor on Thursday evening following a disagreement with her partner, Orthopedic surgeon Brian Page. The cause of their argument remains unclear, and Brian Page was discovered with critical injuries outside Brittany.

The building features a roof terrace, and sources suggest that Alina may have jumped from its highest point. According to an NYPD spokesperson, her injuries were consistent with a fall, and there is no indication of criminal involvement in her death, though investigations are ongoing.

Initially described as ‘clinging to life,’ Alina was found on the sidewalk in her upscale neighborhood, and police confirmed her injuries resulted from a fall from an elevated height. Despite being rushed to New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell, she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Alina and Brian, who moved to New York in 2021 with their two children from Temple, Texas, appeared to lead a luxurious lifestyle. Following the altercation, sources claimed Alina left their $7,500-a-month apartment. Originally from Russia, Alina married Brian in 2007, often expressing her love for their new New York home and sharing joyous family moments on social media.

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