Ana Marsh Car Accident, Southern Cayuga High School Ana Marsh has died

Ana Marsh
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Ana Marsh Death – Southern Cayuga High School Graduate Ana Marsh has sadly passed away on Monday 11th December 2023 surrounded by her beloved family. She died after a tragic car accident that took place on Thursday. She was confirmed dead through a publication that says “1:38pm, December 11, 2023. I don’t know how to do this life without Ana. Beyond devastated. I thought we had her for my lifetime but we only had her for hers. Daryl and I both woke up at 4:07am with a start but with no clear reason”.

Ana’s straightforward demeanor extends well beyond the confines of the classroom. Her approaches every activity with the same level of humility and genuineness, regardless of what she was participating in. It was because of her genuine zest for life and her ability to connect with others on a personal level that she has become a well-liked figure not only among her classmates but also among her teachers. The profound understanding of empathy and compassion that Ana possesses was another facet that exemplifies her down-to-earth demeanor.

She has garnered the respect and admiration of both her teachers and her classmates as a result of her unwavering commitment to her studies and her insatiable thirst for knowledge. She was a ray of sunshine and was loved by everyone because of her sense of humor and welcoming personality. She will be deeply missed by all.

On Sunday, the 10th of December 2023, Erin Tones and 2 others established a GoFundMe account to support Ana Marsh after the horrible car accident. The total amount that has been raised so far through the campaign is $16,347, with the largest donation being $500. The goal of the fundraiser was set to raise the sum of 40,000, so far 236 donations have been made to the account.

A statement from the account says “On December 7, Ana was in a horrific car accident near her home in Cayuga County, New York. She was air lifted to the trauma center at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, where she continues to receive treatment with her loving family by her side. Ana suffered multiple very serious injuries. She is currently on life support, and the medical team is doing everything they can to reduce her cranial pressure and save Ana’s life”.

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