Anna Garza and Jessica Garza died in Lowell Township car accident

police line don't cross
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Anna Garza and Jessica Garza Death – The identity of the two women who died in a head-on collision on Wednesday night have been made public by the authorities. According to the Kent County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO), the collision occurred when a woman crossed the center line close to Alden Nash Avenue and Emery Drive in Lowell Township. According to deputies, Anna Garza, 42, and Jessica Garza, 39, died. Each of them was a sister.

The ages of Anna’s children, four and eleven, were reportedly hospitalized with severe injuries. When the crash happened, they were in the back seat. On Thursday, deputies stated that both boys are stable. A 20-year-old Greenville woman was gravely injured, according to KCSO, but she was allowed to leave the hospital on Thursday afternoon. Although injured, a 36-year-old Lowell Township woman’s condition was stable as of the most recent check.

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