Bob Whitney Death: Educator And Board Member Of Lexington Local Schools died

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Bob Whitney, an 88-year-old beloved cornerstone of the Lexington community, is being honored. He passed away on January 1, 2024.

His enduring dedication to the Lexington Local Schools Board of Education has resulted in a state record, marking an extraordinary tenure that will be recognized for many years to come, after nearly sixty years of service.

To continue her father’s legacy of service, Lore Whitney has been chosen to take up his school board position.

This choice is in line with the conviction that the principles that Bob Whitney lived by community service and steadfast support for education should be preserved.

Bob Whitney’s career did not end with his work in education; he was also well-known for being a strong defense lawyer, a practice he continued after leaving the school board.

His quest of justice and legal knowledge were just as much a part of who he was as his academic achievements.

The community remembers Bob Whitney for more than just his awards; friends and coworkers consider his honesty, compassion, and unwavering spirit.

His obituary provides additional insight into the life of a guy who was raised in Lexington, Kentucky, the hometown of his parents, Mont C. and Phyllis M. Whitney.

One thing is certain: Bob Whitney’s shoes are big to fill when applicants for the now-vacant position at Lexington Local Schools come in.

The outpouring of affection and reverence for him is evidence of the individuals he impacted and the lasting impact he made on the neighborhood.

Bob Whitney will be remembered not just for the years he dedicated, but also for the caliber of his work and the breadth of his dedication by Lexington and everyone who knew him. Teachers and board members, both present and future, will find inspiration in his memory.

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