Brady Grasdal Suicide: Moose Jaw, SK man died after jumping off hotel in Bavaria, Dominican Republic

Brady Grasdal
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Brady Grasdal Death – A Vanier Collegiate graduate passed away tragically in the Dominican Republic on Saturday. Law enforcement agencies say 21-year-old Brady Conrad Dale Grasdal died from an apparent suicide after throwing himself off from the 4th floor of a hotel in Bavaria, Dominican Republic. The deadly incident occurred Saturday evening.

Brady Conrad Dale Grasdal was originally from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He resided in Bavaria, Dominican Republic. According to investigators, Brady Conrad Dale Grasdal was found dead on the roof of the hotel. Police in Bavaria, Dominican Republic say a high percentage of alcohol was found in his bloodstream.

“The Canadian ended his life by jumping from the 4th floor of a hotel in Bavaria. The Brady youngster was reportedly under the influence of alcohol when he was found by a hotel security guard on the roof of a 2nd-level room agonizing. Although he was rescued by 911, the hit from the fall caused him a life-saving hemorrhagic shock.”

According to reports, Bavaro, Dominican Republic residents witnessed the suicidal deaths of three foreigners in various locations around Veron & Bavaro. At 3:00 a.m., Elvis José Rodriguez Lovera, a 40-year-old Venezuelan, met his demise when he was struck near the Executive on Boulevard Turistico del Este.

A Haitian was electrocuted to death in the Villa La Fe/Maria Verón sector early in the morning. The name of the 23-year-old was Michel Rachama. He was perilously close to falling from a scaffold when he seized a high-voltage cable, at which point he perished instantaneously.

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