Brent Hartley of The Howard Stern Show has Disclosed the True Cause of his Departure

Brent Hartley of The Howard Stern Show has disclosed the true cause of his departure, claiming he is “ashamed” of host Howard Stern’s wild lifestyle. Brent and his wife Caitlin, 36, discussed how they experience embarrassment and judgment while discussing their way of life with listeners in an exclusive interview with The Sun.

Since the beginning of the program, Brent and Caitlin have videotaped their sex lives, with couples switching partners and making out as they begin “soft rocking.” I felt a little let down trying to convey this lifestyle on the radio, Brent admitted to The Sun. It wasn’t for me, but The Howard Stern Show has always been about inquiry.

“The Stern Show” hosts Howard and everyone else are genuinely lovely people, he continued. Howard is an extremely sweet guy. They simply don’t understand, that’s all. When they emerged, they were incredibly furious. I’m simply amazed that they’re so upset about it, even though I know I’m going to get some stuff in return.

“Men who dislike this way of life are not particularly outgoing. When they discuss non-monogamy, they are quite uneasy and sometimes irate. What you like, what you prefer, and other things like that can make somebody quite furious.

Howard is aging, Caitlin continued. Since no one would do it, he cannot comprehend why anyone would.

It’s more about “what the hell is wrong with you?” than it is about “understanding.” But he left the show for more than just his negative response to her way of life.

He elucidated, saying: “I have to do it for my sanity. The show’s format was also altered. My responsibility is to discuss what is happening in the real world. I’ve never enjoyed performing these skits, parts, or other similar things. thing.

“I realize some people enjoy it, but I’m not a fan. More of the human experience is more of my thing. They made the decision to stop. Therefore, the primary cause is the disparity in originality. Brent continued, “I also believe that,” He and Caitlin are currently residing in St. Petersburg, Florida.

I most certainly wasn’t ejected, he continued. They had been stunned. I made the decision that this was for me after six and a half years, in peace and love. Brent stated today that Howard, 68, and he “will absolutely come back as a guest” and that “There is no bad blood” amongst his former coworkers.

The Howard Stern Show’s November episode had Howard explaining how Caitlin wanted to bring a man named “The Drill” to the show’s Hollyweird Squares after having sex with him. She loved having sex and “moving on,” according to Brent, who claimed that it “stepped the line” on the program.

“Don’t you think jackhammer fucking Caitlin is too much in your bed,” Howard retorted.

Brent was then referred to as “jealous,” a term he refused. Later on, the speaker acknowledged that throughout the discussion about Brent’s way of life, the audience called him a “d**k.”

I don’t actually think it’s me, he declared. Actually, I don’t. I don’t want to exert any pressure on Brent. I’m particularly interested in comprehending the swinger’s community’s boundaries. “I think he opened a door that he can’t close now,” said the Downey limousine driver who was a guest host. Your entire life was exposed to the sex culture and what you did, and now it’s kind of biting you.

Nothing bites my ass, Brent retorted. Is that how it bites my arse? Being here is exciting and emotionally charged, but I’m not defeated; everything is OK. Howard interjects, “I According to the belief, men—often referred to as “jackhammers”—don’t ever bother their wives, swinger or not. My wife has never been fucked by a drill.


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