Chris Tolliver Obituary: Southwest High School Basketball Coach Died

Chris Tolliver Obituary
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Southwestern High School varsity boys basketball assistant coach and junior varsity head coach Chris Tolliver died Monday, 25th July 2023.. Toliver was an integral part of Coach Jaylon Dunbar’s coaching staff the past two seasons, making many cherished memories with the Warriors. Coach Dunbar spoke highly of Tolliver, a true face of Southwestern’s men’s basketball program.

Chris is a natural communicator with the ability to communicate his strategy and expectations effectively to the players. He fostered an environment of open communication, made players feel valued and supported, and encouraged them to give their best in every training session and match.

Southwest High School Basketball Coach

Coach Tolliver’s passion for the game and commitment to developing young talent left an indelible mark on all who were fortunate enough to know him. His impact extended far beyond the basketball court, instilling the values ​​of perseverance, teamwork and sportsmanship in every player he coached, both on the court and in the classroom.

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Chris Tolliver Obituary

As the basketball world accepts the passing of Coach Chris Tolliver, their condolences and prayers go out to his grieving family. A passionate leader, mentor and advocate for young athletes, he left a legacy that will be remembered and cherished by those he touched.

While the cause of Chris Tolliver’s death remains unknown to the public, his memory will live on through the countless people he influenced and the positive impact he had on the Southwestern Warriors men’s basketball team and the community at large.

“(Chris Tolliver) quickly became one of my best friends. We talked everyday that we weren’t together. He made me not only a better coach but a better person as well.”

Jeron Dunbar, Southwestern Boys Basketball Coach

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