Cole Fitzgerald Washington Township Youth Football Coach Died

Cole Fitzgerald
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Cole Fitzgerald Death – Washington Township Youth Football Coach Cole Patrick Fitzgerald has passed away. After a valiant 18-month fight against cancer, Cole Patrick “Fightin” Fitzgerald died away quietly at home on December 15, 2023, surrounded by his beloved family. He was 19 years old at the time of his death. “Mommy misses you so much. We have spent the day laughing and crying and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.” His mother wrote.

Cole Patrick Fitzgerald graduated with honors from Washington Township High School in 2022. He worked as a coaching assistant at WTHS for four years and as a student assistant coach for Washington Township Youth Football. Because of his commitment to and support of both organizations, the Cole Fitzgerald Most Inspirational Player Award is given out annually at the youth football and high school levels.

He was one of the first recipients of the People’s Choice Award at Bunker Hill Middle School, where he attended despite suffering from severe infirmities and having survived Stage 4 Neuroblastoma as a child. Thanks to a wonderful scholarship, Cole was able to pursue his dream of attending a D1 football school—Temple University.

He was hired as a freshman by the Temple Owls Equipment Staff in June 2022, shortly after graduating. He liked that position until August, when he received the news that he had metastatic pancreatoblastoma. While receiving treatment, he also attended Temple full-time, where he earned a 3.5 GPA.

Since he was six years old, Cole and his family have also been proud Student Leader Ambassadors for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Along with his family, he devoted a significant portion of his life to advocating to sponsors about the value of sponsoring research into childhood cancer. Cole and his family have participated in the CBS3 Alex’s Lemonade Telethon for the past nine years, sharing their story and encouraging people to donate to the cause.

Cole worked hard in school his entire scholastic career, earning his black belt in kickboxing at the age of 11. Cole joined the National Honor Society as a junior and served on the Executive Class Council for four years while attending WTHS. He could always overcome any difficulty, and he did it all with a smile. He aspired to become a full-time professional coach and thought he knew more about football strategy than any NFL coach.

Cole was always true to himself and a friend to everyone he encountered. He loved to joke around and had a great sense of humor. He loved supporting his sisters in their pursuits and showed a sincere compassion for other people. He was the adored brother of Maeve and Maggie Fitzgerald, as well as the adored son of William and Keren Fitzgerald.

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