David Berglund Calgary AB Accident, Man died in road rage incident, Steven Allen charged

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David Berglund Death – Man suspected of killing another man with his car in what the police are calling a road rage incident in Calgary is facing manslaughter charges. A justice of the peace gave Steven Allen, 34, his release on bond after he appeared in court on Wednesday, December 13th, 2023. Allen is charged with the Tuesday murder of 35-year-old David Mervin Berglund in the Temple neighborhood’s northeast.

The passenger in a red Chevrolet Aveo called the police on Tuesday afternoon, claiming he and the driver were engaged in a continuing road rage altercation. Just before to the 911 call, there was a “non-injury hit-and-run” collision between the two cars, which set off the dispute between the two drivers.

Police said that at the time, a GMC Sierra pickup was weaving in and out of traffic and driving erratically. According to reports, the driver of the truck flashed a knife at the driver and passenger of the red car. The Chevrolet’s passengers were instructed to stop talking to the truck driver while speaking with 911 dispatchers, but according to the police, they disregarded the advice and kept following the vehicle.

In the 6900 block of Temple Drive N.E., the truck driver stopped and exited his vehicle as the situation worsened. The driver of the GMC kicked the passenger-side of the car shortly after the Chevrolet passed, according to the police. After that, the GMC Sierra’s driver was struck and forced into a nearby tree by the Chevrolet Aveo, which had stopped and reversed into him.

At the scene, the person was pronounced deceased. Two persons were seen by witnesses exiting the red automobile. The victim, who is laying on the grass between the sidewalk and the road coated in snow, is then covered with a blanket by one of them. Chief of Police Mark Neufeld in Calgary described the incident as “shocking.” Allen was freed on a $2,000 bond and given freedom on Wednesday morning.

He was told not to speak to the woman (name withheld) and that he was not permitted to own any firearms. His next court date is in February. Allen was also mandated to reside at a location that was only two streets away from the purported murder scene.

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