Demaryius Thomas Lasting Influence on Broncos After His Death

Demaryius Thomas
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Demaryius Thomas Death – Garett Bolles embraced Courtland Sutton after a game-winning touchdown, reflecting on Sutton’s breakthrough season. Sutton’s success holds special meaning due to his close bond with the late Demaryius Thomas, a former Broncos star who passed away two years ago.

Thomas, a four-time Pro Bowler, left a lasting impact on the team, cultivating meaningful connections with younger players. Sutton, now a veteran, exemplifies Thomas’ influence through leadership, mentorship, and camaraderie.

“He has somebody in his heart, that’s been his brother for a long time, that’s no longer with us,” Bolles said of Sutton afterward, “and I feel like he has that spirit in him.” Despite Thomas’s untimely death and the challenges he faced, his positive legacy lives on in the hearts of his former teammates, shaping their approach on and off the field.

Thomas was born on Christmas Day in 1987, and he relished making the holiday brighter for kids in the Denver community. He would show up to holiday parties for the local Boys and Girls Club dressed as Santa Claus, a memory that made Dixon smile Friday as he recalled the 6-foot-4 receiver donning the festive outfit.

He was a great teammate, and everyone loved him. Not because of his football prowess but because of who he was as a person. Thomas was the most giving, the most forgiving, and the best teammate many have ever been around as far as players go. He was always team first. Thomas was always about his teammates first, so everyone loved him. Defensive linemen, defensive backs, everyone always talked about DT and the person he was.

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