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Elizabeth McCann

A 26-year-old girl was found dead in Ashton-Under-Lyne on Thursday 25 August 2022. Elizabeth McCann is also known as Lizzy.

How did Elizabeth McCann die?

Relatives of the 26-year-old woman after her killing in Ashton-under-Lyne described her as “a very happy and lively young man willing to serve everyone”. Elizabeth McCann, 26, was found dead at a home on Manchester Road in the Greater Manchester community of Tameside on Thursday 25 August.

Elizabeth McCann Cause of Death

Elizabeth McCann, 26, was found dead in a flat on Manchester Road in Ashton-on-Lyne on Thursday, according to Greater Manchester Police. The man has been charged with murder, rape and indecent assault. Elizabeth was found dead in a flat on Lyne’s Road, Ashton-Manchester, on Thursday 25 August. Mr Goold will appear in court on August 30 to receive custody.

Condition of Elizabeth Family

Elizabeth’s family is in a very critical situation. They still can’t believe their daughter is gone. They want anyone who does this to their daughter to be arrested as soon as possible. They say their daughter is a very happy child who has the ability to make anyone who wants to talk to her. Her family is in a state of shock, they say she’s gone too soon and the world doesn’t even know the real Elizabeth.

More About Elizabeth McCann

Elizabeth’s family said she enjoyed walking. She loves visiting places like Hartshead Pike, the Dove Stone and the canal. She likes the festival of Halloween, she enjoys the spirit of Halloween.

Her family said she loved going to Blackpool to see the decorations on Halloween. She also loves children’s costumes for Halloween. Her family also said she has the purest smile and the biggest heart to please anyone in the world. Elizabeth is a very kind person and loves to help everyone.

Elizabeth McCann Age

Elizabeth died too early because she was only 26.

Elizabeth McCann Net Worth

Although, people don’t know how much she earns because her family tells the world that the real Elizabeth is not known yet.

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  • When was Elizabeth McCann died?
    Elizabeth McCann was died on Thursday 25 August.
  • What was the age of Elizabeth McCann?
    Elizabeth died too early because she was only 26.
  • What was the nick name of Elizabeth McCann?
    Elizabeth McCann is also known as Lizzy.



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