Erna Zahn 114 Death, Husband, Siblings, Wiki, Children

Erna Zahn 114

Erna Zahn 114

Erna Zahn was born Erna Amelia Augusta Miller on April 14, 1908, in Winnebago County, Wisconsin. She is also the brightest student in the class. She was entertaining in her youth and enjoyed horseback riding, swimming, and sewing.

Erna Zahn Death Cause

In Erna’s family, most people died after or after the age of ninety. Erna was the oldest Minnesota resident at the time of her death. She died on August 9. She also made history with longevity. Zahn died of natural causes.

Erna Zahn Funeral

Zahn’s funeral is on August 15, 2022.

Erna Zahn Age

Zahn was 114 years old when he died.

Erna Zahn Ethnicity

Erna Zahn’s Ethnicity is White.

Erna Zahn Zodiac Sign

Erna Zahn Zodiac Sign is Aries.

Erna Zahn Marital Status

Zahn is married to Meilahn Zahn. They married in 1935. And by profession, his husband was the head of Martin Luther College. She became a widow in 1982.

Erna Zahn Children

Zahn has six children, but their names are unknown.

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Erna Zahn Siblings

Zahn has three siblings, an older brother named Herbert and two younger sisters, Adeline and Marjorie.

Erna Zahn Parents

Erna Zahn’s parents were Henry and Olga Miller. Zahn’s mother died at 95, and both of her sisters died at 97, showing that longevity is in her blood.

Erna Zahn 114 Career

From the beginning, she was a dynamic woman. She used to do horseback riding on Sunday afternoons. In addition to this, she is also involved in stitching and swimming.

When Erna graduated from high school, her family was struggling financially. So to make money, she used to be a secretary. She was respected for horseback riding since she was a child, so from her income, she once saved $1 for it.

Plus, she has some big dreams that she wants to fulfill for her family. For example, she wanted a candlelit dinner with her family, but that wish would never come true.


  • Who was Erna Zahn?
    Erna Zahn was born Erna Amelia Augusta Miller in Winnebago County, Wisconsin.
  • When was Erna Zahn born?
    April 14, 1908.
  • What was the age of Erna Zahn?
    Zahn was 114 years old when he died.



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