Football player hurt in knife attack at Italian shopping center

Football player hurt in knife attack at Italian shopping center

According to MILAN Police – Pablo Mari, the Spanish soccer player who was wounded in a knife attack in an Italian mall, called himself “lucky” to survive and was being treated Friday for back and mouth injuries.

Following a man’s alleged theft of a knife from a grocery store shelf, five individuals were stabbed and one died on Thursday, according to authorities.

The carabinieri reported that a 46-year-old Italian man was detained by police on suspicion of attacking a retail mall in Assago, a Milan suburb.

Although there are no life-threatening injuries to the 29-year-old Mari, who represents Serie A team Monza on loan from Arsenal, medical care is still being provided at Milan’s Niguarda Hospital.

“He told me he had ‘suerte’ (luck) because, ‘today I saw someone else die,’” Monza CEO Adriano Galliani said after visiting Marí in hospital late Thursday.

Mari was accompanied by his wife and a youngster in a stroller. The 1.93-meter (6-foot-4) Mario’s height, according to Galliani, “probably saved him.” He received a blow to the back before witnessing the assailant knife someone in the neck.

Massimo Tarantino, a former footballer for Napoli and Inter Milan, assisted in containing the assailants.

Reporters were told by Tarantino, “He was simply yelling.” “I took no action. Not a hero am I.

According to Galliani, Mari also sustained mouth injuries, probably as a result of teeth grinding during the assault.

Galliani noted that Mari was “lucid” and added, “He received two stitches on his lip and injuries on his back, which fortunately did not harm any organs.”


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