In Boston, a 7-year-old student brought a loaded gun to class

In Boston, a 7-year-old student brought a loaded gun to class.

The Boston Police Department says it has recovered a gun that a seven-year-old boy brought to school on Thursday, October 27, 2022.

Police responded to UP Academy Holland after receiving a report of a student with a firearm.

The NBC affiliate in Boston reports that the student had a semi-automatic handgun in his backpack.

It’s unclear how the student obtained the weapon. The person who failed to store the gun correctly, according to Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, would be held accountable.

No child ought to be near a gun, much less feel directly threatened at such a young age, according to Wu. “This incident was instantly discovered and safely resolved thanks to the quick response and coordination of school officials, Boston Police, and emergency responders.”

Police and school officials have not said whether the student will face any disciplinary action.

UP Academy Holland is a school serving 770 students in kindergarten through fifth grade, according to the school’s website.


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