Jay Hennessy Dublin unharmed in shooting at Blanchardstown restaurant

Jay Hennessy Dublin
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Jay Hennessy Dublin Shooting – On social media, a claim that connects Dublin resident Jason Hennessy to the Christmas Eve shooting in Blanchardstown is gaining a lot of traction. Police haven’t yet provided any confirmation, though. An incident at a Blanchardstown restaurant on Sunday resulted in one death and one injury.

According to a popular user on X with the name Michael O’Keeffe, Jason Hennessy and his father are the two people that were seen together in the Dublin restaurant. “Gardaí speculate that this could be connected to Mr. Flashy and The Hennessy’s Corduff feud. There are rumors that Jason Hennessy was shot, as was his father. There have been rumors that the Finglas shooting was revenge,” Keeffee wrote on X.

X’s bio states that O’Keeffe is Irish. Elon and X reinstated my ban from Twitter once it was imposed,” they added, along with a video showing a guy fighting with Gardai police officers. Jason Hennessy, the man in the video, was reportedly shot in Dublin, based on Keefee’s article. Around 113K people had viewed O’Keeffe’s post at the time this story was published. The two people who were shot on Christmas Eve were not connected to Hennessys, according to the Gardai.

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