Jermani Thompson Death Cause, Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Career

Jermani Thompson

Jermani Thompson is a former college basketball player for Heston College in Heston, Kansas. Jermani Thompson worked at the New Orleans Airport as a baggage handler until his death.

Jermani Thompson Biography

The date of Maysoon Jermani Thompson’s death shows she was 26, so we assume she was born around 1996. Since there is very little information on the internet about her personal life, we don’t have any specific information about her date of birth, which makes it difficult to find any specific information right now.

According to her Facebook profile, she attended Riverside College and East Saint High School, and later Heston College.

Jermani Thompson Death

Jermani Thompson Death Cause

Jermani Thompson, 26, died when her hair got caught in a belt loader while working at the airport. Her tragic death has been circulating on the internet. Airport emergency services reportedly provided medical assistance in an incident involving injured Gate Air employees around 10 a.m. Tuesday. She was given round-the-clock support as she was taken directly to the hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

The tragic incident occurred on the “Apron,” where aircraft are being repaired, loaded, and unloaded. She Died on 30 August 2022.

Jermani Thompson Parents & Siblings

She is Angela Dorsey’s daughter, she is her mother, and she has responded to her daughter’s death from her family.

Likewise, her personal life was not widely documented online at this time, making it difficult to find specific information about her family background, especially about her father or mother. Therefore, we cannot provide you with any updates on her life. There is no information about the siblings of Jermani Thompson currently.

Reaction of Jermani’s Mother to her Death

Naturally, she cried a lot after hearing about her death. But later, she consoled herself. Then she showed all the medals Germany had won. She said my daughter always makes me proud.

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Jermani Thompson Boyfriend

Jermani Thompson may be dating but has no information about her boyfriend or husband.

Jermani Thompson Career

She played at Riverside College at East St. John’s High School, and after high school, she was a basketball player at Heston College in Kansas, where she earned an associate’s degree. Her daughter also earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi, where she also played her favorite sport, her mother said.

Jermani Thompson Net Worth

Unfortunately, there is no information on her net worth, but it is known from some sources that she has a good net worth at such a young age.


  • Who was Jermani Thompson?
    Jermani Thompson is a former college basketball player for Heston College in Heston, Kansas.
  • When was Jermani Thompson Born?
    She was 26, so we assume she was born around 1996.
  • Who was the Mother of Jermani Thompson?
    Angela Dorsey was the Mother of Jermani Thompson.
  • When did Jermani Thompson die?
    She Died on 30 August 2022.
  • What was the Net Worth of Jermani Thompson?
    There is no information on her net worth.



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