Julie Seed Death, Property Manager Julez died in stabbing at Plympton

Julie Seed
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Julie Seed Death – In a ‘random’ incident, a man allegedly walked into a real estate office and stabbed two women, resulting in the death of one of the women and the hospitalization of the other. This occurred just a few days after the perpetrator had been released from a mental health facility (MH facility). The woman who died was identified as property manager Julie Seed. The name of the injured victim was not made public by the police.

It was approximately 3.40 p.m. on Wednesday when the man, who was also allegedly equipped with a hammer, was observed entering the REAL Estate Agents Group located on Lydia Street in the Plympton neighborhood of Adelaide. Almost immediately after that, emergency personnel rushed to the location, where they discovered a male waiting outside in a “calm” manner, while the women who had suffered severe injuries stayed inside.

Over the course of more than an hour, paramedics and a specialized Medstar team worked together to attempt to revive property manager Julie Seed, who was 38 years old. However, she passed very shortly after arriving at the residence. The man, who was thirty years old and was unknown to either of the women, was taken into custody by the police, and it is anticipated that he will be charged with murder.

The woman who managed to survive, who is in her forties, was transported to the Royal Adelaide Hospital with life-threatening injuries. Since then, she has been undergoing emergency surgery at the hospital.

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