Kaya Williams Missing in Brooklyn since Dec. 12

Kaya Williams Missing
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Kaya Williams Missing – Kaya Williams has been reported missing, he was last seen on Tuesday, December 12, around 1:30 a.m. Kaya does not have much family or friends in the surrounding twin cities area. She was said to might have been upset and left a note for her mother. Her loved ones are worried about her and her whereabouts.

If anyone sees her please call family or the police; Brooklyn park police department 763-493-8222, Athelgra Williams or Toni Edwards 612-202-0051

A person is said to be missing if they have vanished without a trace and their whereabouts and condition are unknown, to the extent that it is impossible to determine whether they are alive or dead. In addition to going missing voluntarily, a person may go missing for a variety of other reasons, including but not limited to an accident, a crime, death in an area where they cannot be discovered, or any number of other causes.

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