Who was Kaylee Gansberg? Western Michigan student dies in Accident

Kaylee Gansberg accident

Kaylee Gansberg was a 21-year-old Western Michigan University student from Lisle, Illinois.

The senior is an honors student majoring in fine arts, with a particular focus on photography. The college student wanted to travel the world and photograph architecture after graduation. The 21-year-old was a scholar at Lyle High School and continued to participate in art competitions.

More about Kaylee Gansberg

According to Fox32, Kaylee’s parents revealed she was eager to paint and got engaged the night before the fatal accident. Kaylee’s relatives spoke more about her obsession with her new home.

Kaylee Gansberg Accident

Kaylee Gansberg Accident

On Saturday, Kelly was hit by a car in the 2700 block of West Michigan Avenue. Fox32 reported that police found her lying on the road, but the driver had fled. Police said the man was drinking alcohol when the accident happened. He was later found and arrested.

Kelly’s family revealed that her friend took life-saving measures until paramedics arrived at the scene. The West Michigan student died in the hospital on Sunday, August 28.

Kaylee Gansberg Family

Kaylee’s father, Keith Gansberg, told Fox32 Chicago: “As her father, she will always be my little girl. She has the most beautiful smile and brown eyes. I will miss them so much and I will be forever hurt in my life without her .” “We were only with her for a few hours before we lost her completely,” dad Keith further revealed.

“We were there for her first heartbeat, and we were there for the last,” said her mother, Michele Gansberg.

Kaylee Gansberg Brother

She also had a younger brother named Alex.

Who was the Suspect?

Police have detained a 22-year-old man suspected of DUI for a hit-and-run accident. Charges are still under consideration.

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Kaylee Gansberg Net worth

Kaylee was only 21 when she died because she was only a student. And she has not indulged in this kind of work until now. So she doesn’t have any net worth.


  • Who was Kaylee Gansberg?
    Kaylee was a 21-year-old Western Michigan University student, who hailed from Lisle, Illinois
  • Who was the Parents of Kaylee Ganberg?
    Keith Gansberg and Michele Gansberg were the parents of Kaylee.
  • What was the Net Worth of Kaylee Gansberg?
    She was only a student. And she has not indulged in this kind of work until now. So she doesn’t have any net worth.
  • How old Was Kaylee Gansberg?
    Kaylee was about 21 Years old.




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