Kennewick Police Arrest 14-year-old for Murder Julian Chavez on 5th Avenue

Kennewick- Julian Chavez-  According to a press statement from Sergeant Joe Santoy, the Kennewick Police Department has detained a 14-year-old male on suspicion of first-degree murder in relation to the person who was discovered deceased in their car on October 29 near the 1100 block of West Fifth Avenue.

Police were initially called in response to gunfire, and when they arrived, they found a two-car collision. 19-year-old Julian Chavez was discovered shot to death in one of the vehicles.

Since they arrived on the scene, the KPD is said to have been looking into the murder, which has led to probable cause for the 14-year-arrest. old’s According to Santoy, he was taken into custody on November 2 at the 1100 block of West Fifth Avenue as well.

Suspected of first-degree murder, the minor was lodged at the Benton-Franklin Juvenile Justice Center. KPD is still looking into this.


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