Kenyan Police Announced that Arshad Sharif was Shot in a Mistaken Identity

Arshad Sharif, a senior journalist and former host for ARY News, was fatally shot by police in a “mistaken identity” incident, the Kenyan police announced on Monday.

He was traveling from the country’s Magadi town to Nairobi when the tragedy happened.
According to Kenyan media, Arshad Sharif and his driver allegedly violated a roadblock and were then shot in the head and killed by police.

The International Human Rights Foundation tweeted in response to police claims.

“False claims of “mistaken identity” have been made. The process entails stopping the car or intercepting it later and dispersing any hostilities (if any) by firing on the intruders. No passenger should ever be shot at who is not armed. Call for a probe.”


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