Kyle Horton Car Accident, Who is Bryce Horton Brother & Wife?

Kyle Horton Car Accident
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Kyle Horton from Bakersfield, California, died in a tragic car accident on Saturday, August 19.

He was involved in a multi-vehicle collision on Highway 65, near the Lerdo Highway Exit, where Kyle was behind the wheel of his Ford Mustang. This collision entailed multiple vehicles, including a tractor-trailer and another car.

Who was Kyle Horton?

Kyle Horton was born and raised in Bakersfield, California, he graduated from Frontier High School. After high school, Kyle went on to study at Long Beach City College. He was a Platoon RO at Marine Corps Recruiting. Kyle also worked at Works at SuperBangers, Weatherford and Nuwave Industries Inc.

Kyle Horton Cause of Death

Kyle Horton, the Platoon RO at Marine Corps Recruiting has sadly passed away in a multi-vehicle accident on Highway 65.

Who is Bryce Horton Brother & Wife?

Bryce Horton, brother of the late Kyle Horton, reflects on their unique and unbreakable bond.

Bryce Horton Brother Bryce Horton (Source: Instagram)

In the tangle of life, the bond between siblings is often a testament to love and shared experiences.

The story revolves around Bryce Horton, synonymous with dance and family, and husband to parenting blogger Krista Horton.

During his time in the spotlight, Bryce’s life became intertwined with a heartbreaking tragedy, the loss of his beloved brother Kyle Holden.

Bryce Horton’s wife name is Jori Kinney. She is Owner/Photographer at Hall Photography.

Bryce Horton’s wife Jori Kinney (Source: Facebook)

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