Lars Ulrich dad, Torben Ulrich has died

Torben Ulrich
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Torben Ulrich Death – Torben Ulrich, who was the father of Lars Ulrich, the drummer for Metallica has passed away at age 95. Lars shared the news on various social media platforms today, which is the 21st of December. At the time of publication, there was no information available regarding the cause of death.

In addition to being a painter, Torben Ulrich was a professional tennis player, filmmaker, musician, poet, and journalist for radio and newspapers. He was born in Denmark on October 4, 1928. The CD titled “Oakland moments: cello, voice, reuniting (rejoicing)” was issued by him in 2021, when he was 92 years old. It was also a collaboration with the musician and composer Lori Goldston.

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