Madiya Munir Death: Bradford teenager died by suicide following bullying

Madiya Munir
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Madiya Munir Death: The TikTok community is mourning the tragic death of a teenager who passed away unexpectedly following bullying. 18-year-old Madiya Munir died from an apparent suicide after suffering incessant bullying from fellow Muslims. According to reports, the athletic and music-loving teenager was found dead from a self-inflicted injury.

Madiya Munir was the daughter of Mohammed Munir, of Leeds and the granddaughter of the Late Haji Mohammed Jangeer, of Athol RD, Bradford. Madiya Munir was buried on Tuesday, according to her family, her funeral arrangements have been concluded. The TikTok community has urged the residents of Bradford to rise against bullying.

According to the community, Madiya Munir is not the only victim to have killed herself due to bullying. Multiple teenagers especially girls have been victims of the disastrous act. A user @zenyy wrote: “To all the people who bullied Madiyah fear Allah as he is Al-Hakeem the one who always delivers justice. How much can a poor soul take to tell me?.”

According to users, a teenager identified as Adeel and his friends bullied Madiya Munir until she finally took her life. According to @♥️Henna♥️:their responsible they all beat her & kicked her private parts she was living her life & these haraamis have blood on their hands end.

@Sshreeee: Adeel and every other bully that bullied her need to be held responsible for her life being lost. absolute bullies. Shay.laa said: “Of course being nice should be as standard. But we need to let the police deal with him and not make it a witch hunt esp wen emotions are high. Let’s all just pray for her to be in peace now.

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