Martha Mwihaki Hinga Leaked Video on Reddit & Twitter – What Happened

Karangu wa Muraya, a philanthropist, recently received a trip to Dubai that was sponsored, but his happiness was fleeting as he soon found himself in the middle of a controversy after being accused of dating local influencer Nyambu Ithaga. Karangu Muraya (l) Nyambu Ithaga (r).

Though he is married, prominent blogger Martha Mwihaki Hinga has made suggestions that Karangu and Nyambu are dating after he took her to Dubai. See also Extramarital Affairs Scandal: Masanja Mkandamizaji Gives His Wife A Car For Her Birthday. The internet flew into a frenzy after Mwihaki uploaded the post, with some accusing the clergyman of hypocrisy and the gorgeous influencer of being a burglar.

Karangu and Nyambu disagreed and both refuted the rumors. “Why are you feeling so bad? In a distressing Facebook live video, Calangu said, “What have I done to you, why didn’t you applause me today? Even God knows I’m here alone, so be a man and come face me. I don’t lack funds to bring along a companion; in fact, I could have paid for my wife, but I need some alone time, He acerbically admitted in Dubai.

Mombasa is home to Nyambu. Later, he joined Nyambu, and the two of them produced another video requesting Mwihaki wa Hinga to gather her proof.

Someone is spreading rumors about us. Imagine that I’m happy, you’re happy, and someone is slandering us, Nyambu added. Although they don’t know you, people talk about you. Although they don’t know you, an adult can offend someone, according to Calangu. Even though we have thick skin, what about our families? Put yourselves in our position,” she continued.


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