Michael Loyd Wrote Bank Robbery Note On Own Birth Certificate, Dumb Criminal Hall Of Shame

Michael Conley Loyd, of Springfield, Missouri, has made our “Dumb Criminal Hall Of Shame” list,

Michael Conley Loyd allegedly wrote a note demanding money on the back of his own birth certificate while robbing a Missouri Bank Of America.

Loyd was eventually placed at the scene of the crime by his ankle monitor from an earlier offense, presented a note demanding money to the teller written in pink highlighter on the back of his own birth certificate.

Loyd pleaded guilty to one count of bank robbery in federal court, telling the judge he was, “trying to prove a point to his lover,” though he never explained what his point was.

The teller grabbed $754 from one of the drawers and handed it over along with the demand note to the suspect, who fled the bank with both.

Ten minutes later, the boyfriend of Loyd’s roommate called police, which led them to Loyd’s apartment. Authorities say Loyd waived his Miranda rights and confessed to the robbery earlier that day, reports local12.

Loyd claimed that he and his lover got into an argument, and he robbed the bank to “prove a point,” according to reports. He reportedly used his roommate’s truck to drive to the Bank of America and wrote the highlighter on his birth certificate to write his demand note. Loyd remembered writing, “Be quiet until I leave and give me all the money.”

Loyd reportedly threw his birth certificate and ID out of the window as he fled. The report says that as he was driving away, Loyd saw the police driving towards the bank in response to the robbery, which scared him into throwing the money out of the truck.

Loyd allegedly texted his roommate, telling her that her truck was stolen and that she should listen to the police scanner.

The documents go on to say that he called his lover Ashley to “tell her what he had done.”


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