Millis MA Shooting: Man, woman allegedly found dead in Massachusetts

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Shooting in Millis MA, Murder-suicide – On Sunday morning, a man and a woman were found dead near a secluded road in Millis, Massachusetts. Both individuals had sustained gunshot wounds, and a firearm was found at the scene close to their vehicle. Authorities assured that there was no perceived threat to the public.

The victims, both in their 20s and residents of Millis, were familiar with each other, as stated by Millis police and the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office. While the identities of the man and woman, who had relocated to Millis from out of state, were not disclosed, investigators were in the process of contacting their respective families.

The bodies were located off a desolate dirt road connected to Route 115 near the intersection with Route 27. A town employee made the grim discovery around 9 a.m., though the timing of the shooting remained unclear.

Law enforcement officials confirm that the firearm was found beneath the man’s body. However, they refrained from confirming whether the deaths were the result of a murder-suicide. District Attorney Michael Morrissey said they are still very early in this investigation and there is much to be done, but they do not yet have evidence of third-party involvement.

The Medical Examiner may be able to provide information on the cause and manner of death in the next 24 to 48 hours. State and local police were investigating, with the help of state ballistics and chemistry personnel, authorities said.

Millis Police Chief Christopher Soffayer stressed that there was no apparent danger to town residents, though police were going to be at the scene for several hours. “An incident like this will be upsetting to residents, but the information available at this time does not suggest any ongoing threat or danger to Millis residents associated with this incident,” he said in a statement.

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