Nakoda Layton Obituary: following an accident Died, loved ones mourns

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Nakoda Layton Obituary – Nakoda Layton of Troy, Texas, has passed away unexpectedly, he was said to have died in an accident. According to loved ones, Nakoda was such a wonderful son and that he was in love and happy. He was victorious over cancer and felt the love and support of all his family, friends and the community during that difficult time.

Shalon Layton of Troy, Texas, wrote on Facebook; Your birthday is in 2 days Christmas is in 3. As I look at the presents under the tree there are none for you. I didn’t order you a birthday cake. I didn’t buy a 19 birthday candle. It’s not fair You loved Christmas, the lights, shopping, wrapping presents and now I’m here doing it by myself without you. I was crying the other day just because I was making sausage for biscuits and sausage gravy. You loved that. I miss your shit eaten grin, the way you would wave when pulling out of the drive way, the way you were always cold just like me – then there was Noah in shorts and a shirt when it’s 40 degrees. You are in our every thought of everyday. We miss you and Kayleigh 158 days Y’all should be here…

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