Neel Nanda Obituary: Comedian reportedly died by suicide

Neel Nanda Obituary
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Neel Nanda Obituary – Neel Nanda, a stand-up comedian has reportedly passed away, he was said to have died by suicide. Neel Nanda began his career as a comedian in Atlanta, Georgia, and lived in Los Angeles. He has performed all across the country alongside some of the most prominent comedians in the country. The most recent time that Neel has performed was on the episode of Stand-Up Presents that was shown on Comedy Central in January of 2023.

In addition to appearing and doing stand-up comedy on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC, Neel has also acted and shown his stand-up comedy skills on Adam Devine’s House Party on Comedy Central. A number of notable appearances have also been made by Neel on MTV, the GARKUNKEL AND OATES SHOW on IFC, and the INSIDE JOKE on Amazon Prime among other shows. COMING TO THE STAGE, which is available on HULU, and many episodes of the series FLOPHOUSE, which is produced by VICELAND and directed by Lance Bangs, who is also responsible for MTV’s Jackass, are two additional networks where you can watch his stand-up comedy.

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