Nelly Trenti Biografia, Cause of Death, Career, Awards, Net Worth

Nelly Trenti

Nelly Trenti is an Argentine host and announcer best known for her nearly 50 seasons as the voice of Mirtha Legrand’s lunchtime talk show. She was one of the first announcers to receive a Martin Fierro Award.

Nelly Trenti Biography

She was Born on 20 February 1937 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When she was less than 17 years old, she started contributing her voice to numerous radio shows. “No ads were captured. We put sheets on the floor, and if we forgot a word, we looked down,” she explained in an interview with the Daily Clarion a few years ago. I’m interested in finding out how those locations are recorded.

Nelly Trenti Biografia

Nelly Trenti Death Cause

Mirtha Legrand’s iconic announcer Nelly Trenti has died at 85. The tragic news on Thursday night was confirmed via social media. However, her exact cause of death has not been made public. She Died on 1 September 2022.

Television is mourning the news of Nelly Trenti’s passing. She’s a well-known professional, and her voice has grown louder as she hosts Mirtha Legrand’s show.

Nelly Trenti Parents

There was no such information available about her parents or her family.

Nelly Trenti Career

At 17, Nelly Prince was replaced by Nélida Haydée Trenti in a previous Channel 7 ad. She quickly climbed the working ladder because of her voice and perfect phrasing. She is a pioneer in a new form of media that debuts live, in black and white. She started working before her ISER degree and provided voiceovers for well-known businesses such as Gath & Chaves stores.

She is worthy of the Martin Fierro Award, for which she has been nominated several times before. Before saying goodbye to them, she was a spokeswoman for the ATC (Argentina Televisora ​​Color) newscast for many years. Until she had to stop the tradition of staying in Buenos Aires to care for her already very elderly mother, announcer Mirtha Legrand used to live in coastal resorts to carry out her duties.

Nelly Trenti Achievements

She won the Martin Fierro Award for outstanding female announcer in 1959, among other honors. She received nominations for Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand and La Noche de Mirtha in 2018 for best female voice talent.

Nelly Trenti Net Worth

Nelly Trenti had an estimated $1.1 Million.

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  • Who was Nelly Trenti?
    Nelly Trenti is an Argentine host and announcer.
  • When was Nelly Trenti Born?
    She was Born on 20 February 1937 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • When was Nelly Trenti Died?
    She Died on 1 September 2022.
  • What was the Net Worth of Nelly Trenti?
    Nelly Trenti had an estimated $1.1 Million.
  • Who were the Parents of Nelly Trenti?
    Not Known.



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