Ngaire Silaulelei Murder: Ngaire Tusi of died in Tacoma

Ngaire Silaulelei
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Ngaire Silaulelei Death: A young mother of seven has been identified as the victim who died in a shooting Monday morning in Tacoma, Washinton. Ngaire Silaulelei passed away after being shot by an unidentified suspect in the 3100 block of South Madison Street. According to the Tacoma Police Department, the deadly incident occurred at approximately 8:3 A.M.

Ngaire Tusi Silaulelei was a beloved community member, daughter, mother, and well-known individual. According to her family, she was pronounced dead following the tragic and unexpected incident. Seven children are now motherless following another senseless gun violence, a local stated.

Tacoma Police Department officers were called to the 3100 block of South Madison Street at 8:35 a.m. on December 18, 2023. Officers on the scene discovered an unresponsive adult female victim. Tacoma Fire pronounced the female victim dead at the site.

Tacoma Police Department issued an update on the case via social media at 9:47 p.m. The death of the victim was declared a homicide by crime scene technicians who processed the site. The probe is still going on.

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