Nicholas Evans Death Cause, Early Life, Marital Status, Ethnicity, Bibliography, Net Worth

Who Was Nicholas Evans?

Nicholas Evans 26 July 1950 was a British journalist, screenwriter, television and film producer and novelist. He worked as a journalist in the 1970s before becoming a screenwriter and TV producer before writing his debut.

Nicholas Evans Death Cause


“United Agents is deeply saddened to report the sudden death of renowned bestselling novelist Nicholas Evans this Tuesday,9 August 2022 at the age of 72,” his agent said in a statement.

In September 2008, Mr Evans nearly died after eating poisonous mushrooms and required a kidney transplant. His daughter provided life-saving organs.

Nicholas Evans Early Life

Born and raised in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Evans was educated at Bromsgrove School before majoring in law at St Edmund’s Hall in Oxford. He worked for Voluntary Service Overseas, an African charity, before majoring in journalism and working as a newspaper reporter and TV writer.

Nicholas Evans Marital Status

In 1973, Evans married Oxford classmate Jenny Lyon they had two children and divorced in the 1990s.He then married singer/songwriter Charlotte Gordon Cumming. They have a child and he also has a child with TV producer Jane Hewland.

He lives in Devon and has three children a son named Max Evans, head of the geography department at Preston Manor High School a daughter named Lauren and a son named Harry, who Has an earlier relationship with Jane Hewland, a well-known TV producer, known for Network 7 and Gamemaster.


Nicholas Evans Ethnicity

His full name is Nicholas Evans. his ethnicity is white.

Nicholas Evans Bibliography

Nicholas Evans is an English writer best known for writing The Horse Whisperer. With over 15 million copies sold, it is one of the best-selling books of all time. He studied law at Oxford University before working for the Evening Chronicle in Newcastle upon Tyne.

His bibliography is The Loop (1998), The Divide (2005), The Smoke Jumper (2001), The Horse Whisperer (1995) and The Brave (2010).

Nicholas Evans Net Worth

Nicholas Evans is a novelist with a net worth of $13 million.

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  • Who was Nicholas?
    Ans. Nicholas was a British journalist, tv and film producer, screenwriter, and novelist.
  • Who was their wife of Nicholas?
    Ans. Jane Hewland​.
  • What was the Age of Nicholas?
    Ans. Nicholas Evans was 72 years old.
  • When was Nicholas Evans born?
    Ans. Nicholas Evans was born on 26 July 1950.



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