Oregon Plane Crash: Pilot died in fully engulfed plane accident in Independence, OR

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Oregon Plane Crash Investigations: Independence Police are on the scene of a deadly plane crash Saturday. Police say Hoffman Road is the location of an active plane accident scene in Independence. Officials also notified the residents that the crash was the reason there was an unstable power supply this evening.

“There will be considerable activity at this location for several hours. The Dallas Oregon Community Watch. The pilot almost certainly did not survive this collision. According to witness responders, the aircraft was completely consumed in flames before the provision of rescue services.”

A plane accident occurs in Independence. Downed transformer. Avoid the vicinity of Hoffman and Gun Club. With any luck, power will be reinstated shortly. Pacific Power has emerged. Flickering throughout Dallas and the environs. Hoffman Road is the location of an active plane accident scene in Independence. This is what is causing your lights to fluctuate. Kindly maintain your distance from the vicinity. The scene will remain lively for several hours.

Polk County Emergency Personnel Respond to Plane Crash on Hoffman Road. On December 16, 2023, at approximately 4:55 PM, Polk County emergency responders received a call for a plane crash on Hoffman Road. The crash resulted in downed power lines, a small brush fire, and a power outage. Crews are currently waiting for high-voltage lines to be de-energized by the power company so that fire suppression and the investigation can continue.

Until the scene is accessible, emergency responders will not have information regarding the plane or its occupants. Due to the nature of this incident, the Independence Police Department is actively investigating the crash along with the Federal Aviation Administration. The agencies will provide an update once more information is available.

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