Ryan Sparks missing from Tulsa, has been found dead, family mourns his death

Ryan Sparks
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Ryan Drew Sparks Death: Oklahoma communities are sending heartfelt prayers to the family of Stephanie Sparks after her son Ryan Drew Sparks was found dead Saturday. According to reports, the 31-year-old passed away hours after he was declared missing from a job. According to law enforcement, Ryan left a home where he was working on a job for a 30-minute break and never returned.

A worker called him after 30 minutes and Ryan noted that he’d be back in five minutes. Law enforcement agencies say his phones were switched off after 6 P.M. Multiple departments engaged in a search around the neighborhood, hours later Ryan’s body was discovered. Law enforcement agencies have not ruled out any inclusion of suspicion in his death at the time of this publication.

Prayers are now being sent to Ryan’s mother Stephanie, who is devastated by the incident. “I’m asking for help in finding my son he’s been missing since 4 p.m. Friday he drives this white truck with a trailer on the back his name is Ryan Sparks if anyone knows any information about his whereabouts please reach out to me.”

He was last seen on Friday in Tulsa, OK. He was in a white pickup truck with some front-end damage and had a trailer attached.

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