Sandie Rossini Southborough MA, Radio Host Ramiro Torres Ex-wife died

Sandie Rossini
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Sandie Rossini Death – Sandie Rossini, a resident of Southborough, Massachusetts, and a well-known writer and photographer has passed away. She was announced dead by her husband in a social media publication that read “You defined love, strength, perseverance, compassion and life. You will be remembered for the way you lived. You were my everything, my love, my guide, and my rock. I will do my best to be there for our girls, to listen first, to encourage and to support. I will love you forever and we will be together again.

For over ten years, Ramiro Torres, a radio presenter for Hot 96.9’s Get Up Crew, was married to Rossini. When Rossini learned she had a brain tumor a year after their breakup, medical professionals at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center immediately scheduled emergency surgery. She subsequently had intense radiation and chemotherapy. Nicole Torres and his new wife Nicole ran for Beth Israel Lahey Health, which gave Rossini a fighting chance.

Sandie Rossini was a well-known writer and photographer who lived in Southborough, Massachusetts. She was a lovely, humorous, kind, and incredibly loving mother to Calla and Lili. Sandie was a truly remarkable individual who embodied both elegance and resilience. She was a ferocious warrior who exuded love, warmth, strength, and grace. She left a lasting impression on everyone around her by being such an inspiration and positive role model.

She was not just a friend; she was also an amazing woman and an inspiration who taught others the value of experiencing life to the fullest every single day. Sandie put up quite a struggle. She was such a blessing to everyone in her vicinity. Her bravery in overcoming her fear and channeling it into motivation was truly inspiring.

Sandie was a remarkable woman who infused the universe with compassion and hope, and she was the epitome of a fighter. Anyone could come out of their shell and feel at ease revealing themselves with Sandie since she was genuinely one of a kind. She seems sincere in her want to learn more about you than just strike up conversation. She cherished spending time with her loved ones, reading, shooting photos, and going on road trips with her spouse Matthew Rossini.

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