Shiv Mistry (Cambridge Student) Death Cause, Wiki/Bio, Career

Shiv Mistry Death cause

Who was Shiv Mistry?

Shiv Mistry is a student at the University of Cambridge. Shiv Mistry is reportedly in his final year of graduation and is about to graduate.

Shiv Mistry was 18 when he died. His actual date of birth and zodiac sign is unknown. Once asked his companions and friends of Shiv Mistry, and they said he was an amazing boy. Shiv Mistry’s sense of humor is detrimental. He used to make everyone happy. Everyone loves spending time with Shiv Mistry.

Shiv Mistry studied medicine at Cambridge University. He has completed his exams and is looking forward to studying medicine at Clare College, Cambridge later this year. A friend of Shiv Mistry told the media that Shiv has always been passionate about realizing his dreams and he used to strive to be the best in everything.

Shiv Mistry Death Cause

Shiv Mistry was on holiday on the Costa del Sol with his friends on July 8 when he was given a cocktail that included milk instead of coconut cream. Top achiever dies from anaphylactic shock fall.

Some of Shiv Mistry’s friends rushed to the medical emergency center for help, but no one could save his life, Shiv Mistry died on July 8, 2022.

Shiv Mistry Obituary

On August 9, a memorial service was held for him at Milton Chapel in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

What did the family say about the incident?

Shiv’s father mentioned it was an accident and he didn’t blame anyone, including his friends. His friends are smart enough to handle the situation as best they can.

They have called for special training programs in schools to teach children to deal with such medical emergencies, but not everyone knows it.

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Shiv Mistry Parents

There is not much information about family members. Although we don’t have many specific details about his family.

Shiv Mistry Nationality, Ethnicity

He holds British nationality and he belongs to white ethnicity.

Shiv Mistry Career

Shiv Mistry died after suffering an allergic reaction to Pina Colada while on holiday. He was a successful man who developed a fatal sensitivity to dairy and went into anaphylactic shock after studying medicine at Cambridge University unfortunately died shortly after 8 July.

“He and his friends are in Spain celebrating the completion of his assessment and looking forward to going to Clare College in Cambridge soon to focus on medicine.


  • Who was Shiv Mistry?
    Shiv Mistry is a student at the University of Cambridge.
  • When was Shiv Mistry Born?
    Shiv Mistry was 18 when he died. His actual date of birth is Unknown.
  • When did Shiv Mistry die?
    Shiv Mistry died on July 8, 2022.
  • What was the Nationality of Shiv Mistry?
    He holds British nationality.
  • What was the Ethnicity of Shiv Mistry?
    He belongs to the white ethnicity.



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