Stabbing in Wednesbury Today: Person murdered outside pub at Market place in Wednesbury

police line don't cross
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Stabbing in Wednesbury Today – A person has been reportedly murdered outside pub in Wednesbury today. The cops have blocked off Wednesbury’s market place. Police suggest it may be for most of the day. Until the cordon is lifted, Walsall Community Transport services 65 and 67 will not be allowed to serve the Market Place stop. Due to the incident, neither automobiles nor pedestrians are able to access. Thus, anyone traveling to Wednesbury should take an other route.

Police are also looking for a man 6 ft. 3 in a blue mac speaking Eastern European with a residing hairline. According to reports, the man reportedly attacked a home owner in Wellcroft Street Wednesbury. When the 83-year-old man was protecting his 80-year-old wife, the suspect allegedly knocked on the door between 3.45 and 4.15, demanded money, and then barged into the bungalow and kicked him in the neck.

He suffered cuts and bruises to his face and knuckles, as well as bruises on his wrists. He then allegedly stole forty bucks from the woman’s purse and fled the property. No image of the suspect has been made public at the time of this report.

Wednesbury is a market town in Sandwell in the West Midlands County, England. It is located near the source of the River Tame, and is part of the Black Country. Wednesbury is situated 5 miles (8km) south-east of Wolverhampton, 2.7 miles (4.4km) south-west of Walsall, and 7.3 miles (11.8km) north-west of Birmingham. At the 2011 Census the town had a population of 37,817.

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