Vanessa Collias charged with murder of two kids Yiannis and Mimi

Vanessa Collias
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Vanessa Collias Murder Charge – Murder charges have been brought against a 25-year-old woman in Scarborough regarding the deaths of her two small children. Toronto police said in a news release on Friday that Vanessa Collias had been charged with two first-degree murder counts. Collias fell on the evening of December 10 from a balcony of an apartment building on Glamorgan Avenue, near Kennedy and Ellesmere roads, according to the police.

After that, she was found on the ground by responding police, critically injured. After that, police went to a residence to see how the four- and five-year-old boys who lived with Collias were doing. Officers found the boys without vital signs when they got inside. After being taken to many trauma facilities, the kids were declared dead. According to the authorities, their mother was also taken to the hospital, where she is now in critical condition.

According to earlier statements from investigators, the youngsters showed no overt symptoms of trauma when they were discovered. Their autopsies, which were performed earlier this week, raised suspicions about their deaths. After authorities declared the boys’ deaths to be homicides on Friday, their mother was charged and given a remand into custody after making a phone appearance in court.

Authorities stated they weren’t prepared to reveal the cause of the kids’ deaths. Although their names have not been made public, family-close sources have stated that the boys’ names are Yiannis and Mimi. They said that after a fight with leukemia, the boys’ father, Costa Collias, passed away on December 1.

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