Vlad Saban Cold Spring NY, Haldane High School Student died in accident

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Vlad Saban Death – Two Haldane High School Students identified as Vlad Saban and Theresa Timmons were involved in a deadly accident on Friday 15th December 2023. Vlad died after the accident while Theresa was fatally injured and was transported to Westchester Medical Center. Dear Haldane Community, It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform you that two of our high school students were involved in a serious car accident on Friday evening. Vlad Saban (12th Grade) died as a result of his injuries. Theresa Timmons (11th Grade) suffered serious injuries and is currently being treated at Westchester Medical Center”.

As at the time of this report the actual cause of what led to the accident has not been revealed. Investigation is still underway. Vlad was always fun to be around. He never desired the spotlight, despite the fact that he was a particularly successful student. Despite the fact that his constant excellence in the classroom says volumes about his dedication and work ethic, he continues to be humble about his accomplishments. His eagerness to assist others without seeking credit was something that is admired by both his teachers and his peers.

Vlad’s generosity extends beyond the confines of the school. People who knew him well and were friends with him frequently describe situations in which he went out of his way to help other people. The humility that Vlad possesses was evident in every contact he has.

The fact that Vlad was easy to approach was one of the qualities that endears him the most. As a result of his capacity to interact with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, he was a well-liked character within the community of the school. Those who are in Vlad’s immediate vicinity have been profoundly influenced by his unassuming and straightforward demeanor. His teachers admire his modesty, his students look up to him as a model, and his friends respect the true friendship he has with them.

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