Worcester shooting: 6 injured after possible party


Worcester shooting: 6 injured after possible party

Investigation into a shooting that took place early on Saturday morning and resulted in many people being injured as a result of the incident is currently being carried out by the Worcester Police Department. At some point in the wee hours of the morning, close to the hour of three o’clock, a person at the storage facility that is located at 88 Webster Street placed a call to the police for assistance. They discovered that the victim had been shot and was currently feeling the effects of his injuries.

Proceedings of the incident

According to boston25news they also came to the conclusion that the victim was in a severe condition as a result of the injuries he sustained. It has been stated that he sustained critical wounds and was carried to a hospital in the area by the authorities in order to receive care. Shortly after the officers arrived, they were informed that there were five more casualties with gunshot wounds located at various sites near the warehouse as well as in hospitals in the surrounding region. These victims were spread out across a number of different locations. These victims had been the target of gunfire at some point.

Official’s statement

During a news conference that took place on Saturday afternoon, the police stated that they had reason to suspect that there was a party in the area prior to the occurrence of the event. This comment was made in response to the fact that the police possessed information that led them to suspect that this was the case. They claimed that the reason they had this suspicion was that they have surveillance footage of the party in their possession, and that tape showed suspicious behavior during the event.

Concerning these incidents, the officials who are in charge of law enforcement investigations have not been successful in discovering any suspects or people of interest in their investigation. Even though we are very far along in the process, this investigation is still being carried out right now. If you have any information on what took happening, please contact the Worcester Police Detective Bureau as soon as you can by calling them at (508) 799-8651. You are required to comply with this request made by the police.

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